B2B Systems

Sales of products and services in the B2B system can be easily supported by efficient tools, facilitating the supervision of the entire customer service process. What are these types of IT systems and how to use them effectively? We can explain it in a few key issues.

B2B System what is it?

Our reality is determined by electronic forms of contact – both private and business. If an entity wants to dynamically operate and actively acquire new customers, it should effectively use virtual space to optimize its operations. IT systems for companies are a convenient and functional tool that can be successfully used to improve the dynamics of everyday work. They are dedicated to enterprises that direct their offer to other companies and entities falling within the definition of a recipient of B2B services and products.

Do they drive B2B sales?

Yes of course. However, their most important feature is the fact that they provide a lot of information, provide numerous functions and facilitate the coordination of the work of the entire team. The systems integrate automatically with the most popular trading programs and provide a platform for communication and efficient sales, which actually speeds up and facilitates everyday transactions. Such IT systems for companies can be created from scratch or using ready-made templates with proven functionality.

How does their implementation look like?

The B2B system is a solution that eliminates a large part of the paper document circulation and automates the sales process, thanks to which it minimizes the number of activities related to it (both from the customer and the seller). Shared platform works on the basis of workflow and allows to simplify the organization of work significantly.The first step is to install the system on the server (own or rented), in turn the module is started and configured with a commercial and warehouse program used in a given company. Thanks to this, B2B sales will be coordinated. The last step is to train employees who will be responsible for operating the system and notifying contractors about the possibility of using modern technology. The key advantage of this solution is the possibility of introducing numerous system configurations that will adapt it to the specifics of a given industry. For example – a warehouse of finishing materials from Swarzędz, it sells articles mainly for development and finishing companies from Poznań and the whole country. To increase its turnover and improve the team’s work. The entrepreneur decided to introduce the classic b2b software. After two months of use, it turned out that the sales process is noticeably more effective, but there are few improvements in the system that would be useful every day. It takes just a few hours to start and configure additional functions, and the system fully meets the needs of the company.

What other benefits do B2B systems provide?

The increase in sales is obvious due to the fact that the platform is available 24 hours per day, automatically transfers data to the trading system and saves time for employees, thus increasing their marketing potential. B2B systems are also efficient communication, which is necessary in case we want to have the best contact with the customer and current data updates (about promotions or changes to the rules of placing orders).IT systems of this type efficiently integrate into commercial programs and thus relieve employees of filling in subsequent forms.

What to you have to pay intention choosing them?

This type of IT services for companies, implemented by us, both in Swarzędz and Poznań also in other parts of the country. Were each time configured for an individual customer and available in the version for mobile devices – these are the advantages worth taking care of. We invite entities operating not only in Poznan about also to cooperate in the implementation of the B2B system.