How to design an online store to encourage potential customers? Which information is worth highlighting and how important is the intuitive content layout? So everything you need to know about online sales is here.

What is the desing basis of online stores?

In order for our online store to provide constant sales, at a satisfactory level, you should plan it based on a well-thought-out plan. The first steps that should be taken are detailed analysis of the market on which the entity will operate.Another issue is the selection of the right business model and a catchy and easy to remember domain. Then comes the time to choose the right software and give the site a graphic design that will be consistent with the products or services offered.

How does the creation of online stores looks from the technical side?

From our own experience, we can recommend an online store on Prestashop. This is a truly functional solution on the one hand, and on the other hand, giving a variety of configuration options, using a variety of plugins. The script is easy to use and modify. The performance will work well in small stores as well as those of medium and large size. It successfully satisfies the needs of diverse clients served by our company – both from Poznań, Swarzędz and other parts of the country.


And what about the domain?

Creation of online stores usually takes place under a specific domain. It decides on the nature of the page. If it consists of words that mainly reach the imagination of, for example, young audiences, then the graphic form of the website should look similar. Inconsistency in this area may mislead customers and discourage purchases.

But what about formal issues?

Online stores that are part of business are covered by strictly defined legal principles. In the process of designing www stores, we focus on supplementing them with appropriate electronic payment systems and collateral, giving customers the freedom to process orders. At present, online stores that do not offer the possibility of paying with PayPal or automatic transfers are losing their right to exist.



What else should web stores have?

Regardless of where the store operates (in Poznań, Gdańsk or the eastern part of the country, in a small town), it should always offer constant and easy contact with the service. And the data on this subject must be quickly available (ideally if it is in the banner, visible from the level of each subpage). Most often we can meet with the possibility of telephone and e-mail contact.Over time, it is worth expanding the website with a chat variant with an advisor. When designing online stores you should also not forget about easy access to practical information in the scope of payment and shipping methods or return rules that did not meet the client’s expectations. The trend is increasing, allowing free returns. A customer who lives in any part of the country will be much more likely to buy a product if it is secured with a free and trouble-free option. If, however, information about complaints and returns is enigmatic and difficult to find, it arouses customers’ alertness and discourages them from using the website’s services.

And what about descriptions and photo gallery?

Descriptions created individually are on the one hand better indexed by search engines, and on the other they can significantly encourage customers. When browsing the offer many people withdraw from the store due to poorly loaded product images or their insufficiently accurate form. This issue should also be under the special care of the programmer and administrator of the site.

Is this everything?

Oh no! This is only the beginning. After creating an online store, you should enter products with descriptions, install statistics and only then can you tailor the exact content of the page to the behavior of customers. By entrusting this whole process to our company, you will gain an effective tool for work. We operate mainly in Poznań and Swarzędz, but we are also open to other countries all over the globe.