Community Campaigns

A well-conducted advertising campaign based on an interesting form and dedicated to social media may turn out to be much more effective than traditional forms of promotion. Social media marketing has its secrets, which you will learn below.

What should an appropriate social media ad look like?

This is very extensive question. The campaign on Facebook will have a completely different character than promoting the brand or product on Instagram or Google+. Each of them should, however, be based on a few key elements. First of all, the planning is very important point.
At the beginning you have to set your goals, schedule them in the schedule and plan the next projects on its basis.

But how do I know how to set a schedule?

An effective Facebook campaign is not only about the right content, but also the well-composed time of its publication. Our agency has extensive experience in defining the target group and predicting its behavior.
Using a variety of indicators, we can pre-determine in what day and at what time the highest probability is reached of getting a message to the users’ awareness. Of course, Facebook Ads is much more complex product that needs to be adapted during the implementation.


The example of promoting site on FB?

For instance, our company is managing self-service car washes, expands its activities to the area of nearby Poznań and Gniezno. How to use the potential of FB to effectively reach the awareness of new customers? It is not so easy as it might seems at the beginning. When you set up your ad to location you can view it for users living in Poznan and Gniezno, additionally interested in, for example, motorization or local services. This type of campaign should also be supplemented with marketing activities from the company’s profile level. For example, the residents of Swarzędz and the surrounding area, who are satisfied with the car wash services, providing a link about the expansion of the company’s offer can take part in the competition. Which is rewarded with a pre-paid card for use on a car wash.

So, how much does the Facebook ad cost?

Facebook’s advertising price depends on its range and time of publishing, as well as the settlement system that we will adopt. Users have full control over how they will determine the amount of the budget and the certainty that the planned amount will not be exceeded. The actual price of advertising on Facebook depends on the accepted accounting system. In the case of CPC (i.e. cost per click), we pay only for posts that have encouraged users to interact. If we choose CPM (i.e. display costs), we pay for every 1,000 impressions.

Is it easy to set up Facebook Ads?

Considering the fact that effective advertising on Facebook should be well composed, it is worth the task to be entrusted to specialists. On the other hand, it should be remembered that advertisements are displayed based on the auction system (many advertisers compete for access to a given target group), which prioritizes the offer (ie the maximum rate the payer is willing to pay), as well as quality (ie matching the target group and its attractiveness). Managing the Facebook Ads campaign is a complex issue.

Do exist the other secrets of promotion the site on FB?

Social media marketing requires a proper adaptation of the message to a given target group. Otherwise, the ad will prove to be an ineffective investment. Fruitful marketing of Facebook Ads requires a good sense of trends. Fanpage advertising should be up-to-date (e.g. different during the week, different during the weekend). Sponsored links Facebook, must be adequately described. Well-thought-out advertising in social media will be many times more effective than the traditional one because it will allow to appropriately use the funds planned for it reaching the target group with a high degree of matching. For example, social campaign on Facebook run by restaurant operating in Poznań will reach people living in the area – those who are most likely to take advantage of the offer.