Company Blog

Running a blog evolved from passionate activity to regular occupation, bringing measurable financial benefits. A well-composed company blog has also become an indispensable element of business websites – both small and quite large.

Today, everyone can run a blog – right?

Yes, the internet network gives us unlimited possibilities of expressing ourselves in the form of blogs. A person living, for example, in Poznań, Konin or Swarzędz, has a chance to reach readers all over the world if their entries prove to be attractive enough. Numerous platforms that facilitate the creation of a blog are so easy to use that even a total layman will be able to use them.Blogs are mainly works of unfulfilled journalists, writers and teenagers?
Oh no! I absolutely disagree with such judgment. Corporate blogs or specialist blogs are a treasure trove of knowledge and an easy way to promote yourself online. Deprecating the meaning of blogs is a frivolous approach, because despite the flood of the network with low-value content, a significant part of blogs is useful, high-quality and readily visited.

Do blogs only exist as independent creations?

Creating blogs started from this form. Currently, the prevailing trend causes that blogs are often treated as a supplement to the portal, online store or website of a given company. Of course, the creation of individual blogs, private persons also deal with, and their success is evidenced by the number of page views, translating strictly into the profits from advertisers. A vivid example of this are, for example, fashion blogs that can generate hundreds of thousands of zlotys profit per month.

How the creation looks like?

In the case of this type of site, special emphasis should be put on the graphic design and have selection of photos, intriguing readers. Company blogs that are part of a given company’s website must also be well displayed on the home page so that customers pay attention to them.Our experience, gained not only in Poznan and Swarzedz, but also many other locations in our country, shows one leading trend – even the best design of a blog will not bring success if its content does not attract the attention of the customers.

Running a blog is a constant and never-ending job?

Creating a blog, initially has a technical form, but its quintessence, or entries are the most important element. Both the personal blog and the company blog should be regularly updated with entries (unique!). Of great importance to encourage readers to return is also quick response to comments. Then the recipients feel a bond with the sender, they can initiate polemics or propose further topics.

What does a properly designed blog look like?

Readers are used to a quite well-defined scheme. Entries appear in the central part, usually chronologically (thanks to which regular readers can quickly find out whether new content has appeared). In the right-hand column there is a short description of the creator, a quick search panel of content, links to entries (based on date or keywords) and, for example, random photos from the gallery. The top bar should refer to entries divided in accordance with the agreed key, subpage “about me” or contact details. Coherence of the message – colors, graphics, type of font or main picture, must form a coherent whole.

Do you cannot break this pattern?

Of course, you can. Sometimes it pays off, however, it is worth taking into account consumer habits and introducing changes that will distinguish a blog from the competition, but will not make the reader feel lost.

What advice can you give to beginners at the end?

Valuable entries responsive to trends prevailing in the network and readers’ moods are a key to success. Failure to upload content with photos (unless we are dealing with a photo blog) and responding to comments (both positive and negative) are equally important. And we invite people and companies from Poznań and the whole country to cooperate. We offer comprehensive design and implementation of blogs with any content.