Google AdWords

Be ahead of the competition, reach a well-defined group of potential customers and gain fame on the Internet – this idea is guided by every activity undertaken by companies and individuals on the web. How to achieve the intended success using the available tools? Bet on AdWords campaigns.

What is the AdWords campaign?

Google AdWords is an advertising system that allows you to place paid results in specific places in the search engine. They have a specific form, are strictly adapted to Internet users’ queries and are very effective. Thanks to this, you can quickly promote your website without having to position it in organic results.

So why do we have to care for the positioning of site at all?

Firstly, the appearance of a website in organic search results is free (apart from the cost of positioning), and secondly, customers look favorably at websites that appear without the term “advertisement”.

To whom such sponsored links dedicated to?

For each internet user. Despite of the fact that users of the network, most often open the first three sites, organic search results are often tempting to click on the ad, especially if it was composed in an encouraging way. It’s also worth mentioning that AdWords campaigns account for nearly 30% of all advertisements appearing on the web. Therefore, you can not ignore their potential by creating a marketing strategy for your company.

Why are they so popular?

The Google AdWords campaign is a tool that allows extremely accurate reaching of a precisely defined target group (eg aquaristic enthusiasts from Swarzędz and surrounding areas, motorcyclists in Poznań or fans of Star Wars from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship). This is made possible by complicated algorithms that are constantly being improved by Google.Therefore, the Google Adwords product campaign can be local as well as global. One thing is for sure, it will be displayed to people who coincide with the characteristics of your potential clients or readers.


How do you create an ad on Google?

The first step is to set goals. Defining them will allow for detailed description of people to whom the message is to be transmitted. The ad will be in the most visible place in the search engine that has the highest click rate. Therefore, it should be composed in such a way that it attracts the attention of Internet users. It is equally important to define its range (eg in Swarzędz and the vicinity of Poznań, for readers interested in fashion or in people who are looking for information on tropical diseases).

Accurate content, or what?

Advertising on Google has very limited number of characters, therefore, it is worth to commission specialists to compose it. After analyzing the popularity of particular keywords and appropriate matching them to the character of the campaign, they will arrange them in such way as to encourage and intrigue readers. Here is one important note – creating a Google AdWords campaign must closely match the actual business or content of the site.If it turns out that the key words are incorrectly chosen. First of all, we will annoy the client, who will lose time searching for the information, and on the other hand , we will waste funds that can be spent on more effective marketing.

The Google AdWords product campaign is dedicated to online stores?

It depends on how we understand the product. For some, it will be a cosmetic sold in an e-shop, for others a recipe for baking a perfectly plump cheesecake. Creating a Google Adwords campaign is always about a product or service (sharing knowledge, eg on blogs is also a service) and should, by its nature, coherently complement the content of the page to which it leads.Sponsored links will make you able to reach the awareness of customers from all over the country and the world while operating in Poznań. All you need to do is set up the reach of your ad. Subsequent monitoring of the effectiveness of the actions taken, allows for introducing possible modifications in order to obtain an even better message.