Web Portal

It would seem that the saturation of the web portals is so large that it is impossible to bring any new products to the market. However, from time to time, there is a breakthrough project that makes the thesis go wrong. What is the secret of success and how to achieve it?

Is the design of web portals available to everyone?

Theoretically yes. Individuals looking for independent solutions can use free templates and programs. But only a professionally created project of an internet portal will meet the high expectations of modern clients.

But What`s the expectations?

Information must be always available, given in an easy to pick up form, attractive and unique – then we have a chance to attract regular readers. The second, non-pivotal pillar is an efficiently operating site, with an intuitive layout of categories. If it is not adapted to different formats of mobile devices, it will significantly reduce its range.





So what is the effective recipe for creating web portals?

If you have a breakthrough and a big idea for a web portal, half of the success is already yours. And if you want to try your hand at a well-saturated market, you have to bet on a perfectly well-composed internet portal, and over time develop it with additional functionalities that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

So, for example, applications?

Also. But it’s much easier to start with a high-quality forum where users will be registered. Designing web portals is worth starting with the creation of a far-reaching concept that will predict not only current work, but also the next steps. Internet portals have a very diverse form, and for each of the types, different rules of creation apply.For example, the construction of social networking sites, including, for example, bee breeders will be based on an extensive forum, advice, work calendar or the opportunity to address questions to specialists. On the other hand, the portal, which provides professional knowledge in the field of, for example, the degree of air pollution, will focus on personalizing news using the location of readers and will offer a preview of webcams from data reading points.Some of the elements will be common, but the most important is fully individualization itself.

How to build a web portal?

Yes, like any other website, they should have a domain, be embedded on a server and have a properly selected hosting. Another issue is to choose the right layout and content. Clear cataloging of tabs will help users to use the site.For example,if your portal is local and is aimed mainly to the residents of Wielkopolska, it is worth introducing various types of its contents. Due to their topic or the city they concern (Poznan, Swarzedz, Kalisz, Leszno, Piła, for example) , Gniezno and Konin). If your portal has a nationwide coverage but offers local content (eg statistics on car accidents), you can also enter categorization by cities (in Poznan, Tri-City, Krakow, Warsaw, etc.)


How is the creation of social networking sites different?

It is a challenge because of the high competition. But on the other hand, if we focus on the niche that we will be able to fill (for example, we will create a social portal dedicated to anime fans, or board game enthusiasts with zombie heroes) and we will additionally supplement it with valuable content that is hardly to find at competition. You will reach a guaranteed success.

Does it mean that the content is crucial?

Designing web portals must always be based on good content. Experts’ opinions, market novelties, instructional videos or chat with an idol are elements that attract readers. Building web portals is a continuous process that is worth building on solid foundations.Therefore, creating portals should be outsourced to specialists who will predict their further development.Trust our company (we operate mainly in Poznań and Swarzędz but we are open to cooperation with clients from all over the country) and start your career on the web.