Web Aplications

Internet applications are often identified with classic websites, but in reality, in terms of construction and functionality, they are significantly different from each other. Without going deep into technical issues, we will try to explain how you can effectively use them in your business.

Web applications are..

Internet tools that have a range of interesting and varied features available through the browser. Thanks to this, you can use them from any device which is equipped with a browser and do not require installation of additional components.The most popular internet applications are e-learning platforms, B2B systems, CRM or ERP systems. Of course, the scope of their use can be much wider, especially if we decide to design Internet applications so-called (dedicated)

What elements do they consist of?

Their content will be determined by the functions they should fulfill. Each web application we offer has an intuitive and easy-to-use content management system.This solution allows it to be operated by a wide range of people, not necessarily possessing specialist IT or programming knowledge. Other elements of the content are tailored to the needs of a given entity.

Do you want example?

Let us assume that the medical clinic which is operating in Poznań, wants to facilitate the registration of visits for patients. A properly adapted web application will be an ideal solution in this case. Composing the proper form, combined with the calendar and the verification system of the registrants will result in patients from Swarzędz, Gniezno and Września not having to register personally (go to the clinic) or by telephone (avoiding call costs and trying to contact the registration during working hours the unit).At the same time the clinic will have constant insight into the occupancy rate of individual specialists and will easily analyze other parameters (the number of booked visits for which patients have not applied).

Is it true, that web applications can be used by everyone?

A private person may use an e-learning platform to share knowledge. Let’s assume that the recipients of the content will be interested in the given subject, pay access to the application, obtain login data and from anywhere in the world, will be able to connect via the Internet with their client account.Companies running B2B-type activities often outsource development of web applications that will improve sales and contact with clients. Also by sending data to commercial programs on which they work.

Where does their popularity come from?

Creating web applications responds to the need to optimize work. The range of the internet connection is constantly growing, as are the number of its users. The elimination of many works, in the scope of filling out forms or generating statements, allows to better organize the duties of people employed in a given company. If analyzes or reports can be created automatically, let’s use it. Creating web applications also provides customer service in less standard ranges. Securing password access allows you to share information that is targeted at specific users.

Creating web applications is the future?

Both mobile applications and internet applications have their advantages. The exact analysis of the client’s needs and expectations should determine which one turns out to be more appropriate in a given case. Programming internet applications is a task that is always full of challenges.To sum up our experience – covering orders from Swarzędz or Poznań as well as the entire country, we can certainly say that customers quickly became convinced of the possibilities offered by this type of solution and immediately wanted to expand them with new, useful functions. We mainly serve clients in Poznań but we also provide services throughout the whole country.